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About Us

We are a small metro school with a hometown feeling where families want to stay.

We are a school that values:

  • children who are going through the wonderful transition to young adulthood.
  • a culture of encouragement from relationships - connectedness to family, friends, teachers, staff, community and surroundings.
  • education based on academic rigor in an accountable, purposeful, responsive organization.
  • teams that provide mutual support that comes from learning together.
  • a safe and caring environment.
  • Park Pride as a commonality of values that supports education and provides the resources that make education happen.
  • learning success - growth and achievement of each child.

St. Louis Park Middle School is a school with 1025 students in 6th-8th grade. Students are offered a strong core academic program in English, mathematics, science, and social studies. There are also opportunities for growth in areas such as technology education, world languages (French, German and Spanish), physical education, art, orchestra, chorus, band, general music, and drama. The Middle School has a middle level Spanish immersion program. Accelerated and support programming is also offered in both English and math. The focus is on high expectations for all students with a commitment to assist each student reach his or her potential.

In 1992, then named Junior High underwent a major remodeling project which resulted in a new media center featuring state-of-the-art technology. In 2003, we completed another extensive renovation of the entire building. This renovation included new windows, lighting, ventilation, heating, and sprinkler systems throughout the building. The footprint of the building was extended with the addition of two new science classrooms and a multipurpose activity center. In 2006 we finished refurbishing the parking lot and supporting landscape. In 2010, we renovated twelve classrooms in order to allow for and welcome the entire 6th grade to our school. We also added two additional computer labs to compliment the three already in place. All classrooms are currently connected with voicemail, cable, email, and the Internet.Wireless access is available in the majority of the building. Our facilities goal is to keep our school up-to-date both physically and with infrastructure to support student achievement.

Vision Statement
We are a middle school located in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, where our purpose is to:

Create a peaceful, caring learning community that promotes intercultural respect
Engage students in rigorous academics, relevant inquiry and meaningful action
Ignite individual growth and lifelong learning

Site Council
The SLP Middle School Site Council is an advisory board to the Principal, providing an additional source of direction and input to the operations and administration of the Middle School. The Site Council consists of parents, school staff members, administration, a volunteer coordinator, and a school board member.

Site Council meetings are open to the public. Meetings are generally held on the second Wednesday of the month at 3:45 pm in the Middle School Library Media Center. Meeting dates are posted on the St. Louis Park City/School calendar.

The Site Council welcomes public input during “Open Microphone,” a ten-minute period for public comments or concerns. The following guidelines will assist individuals who wish to address the Site Council during “Open Microphone.”

Each speaker is allowed from two to five minutes to address the Site Council, depending upon the number of speakers present at a given meeting. If this time limit is not adequate, consider leaving written information for the Site Council to review, or contact the chairperson or a Site Council member prior to the meeting for direction regarding your concern.
Public concerns brought before the Site Council during “Open Microphone” may be placed on an agenda for discussion at a future meeting.

Following “Open Microphone,” are regular updates, committee reports, the Principal’s report, and discussion of various agenda items. Members of the public are welcome to observe this portion of the meeting.

School History
When surging enrollments created the need for a second junior high school in St. Louis Park, the 17 acre site of the former Westwood Hills Golf Course was chosen for the construction of a new state-of-the-art facility. The new school, which was dedicated on November 1, 1959, was designed to accommodate 1100 7-9th grade students from the western half of the city, and was appropriately named Westwood Jr. High School.

From the beginning, the school was noted for innovation, In the early 1970's, Westwood gained recognition by pioneering an experimental modular-flexible schedule. At the same time, St. Louis Park became one of the first communities to adopt an open enrollment policy whereby families could choose between the traditional offerings at Central Jr. High, or Westwood's more flexible program. The Westwood option immediately proved popular with parents from all parts of the community.

Years later, when enrollments dramatically declined, the school district merged the two junior high schools on the Westwood site, and moved the 9th grade to the Senior High. The newly formed 7-8th grade program blended the best elements of the two respective parent schools to create a new tradition of family-friendly educational excellence. In 1980, the school was officially named St. Louis Park Junior High School.

Since then, aided by the construction of a technologically advanced media center, the school has moved to a more modern middle school organization built around flexible teams of students and staff members. Today, even though St. Louis Park Middle School has been recognized by the federal government as a National School of Excellence, it remains a work in progress.

Special Programs

  • Talent Development Program
  • Advanced Math and Language and Literature
  • English Learners Program
  • Extended Spanish Program
  • Accelerated Math and Reading
  • Special Education: EB/D, LD, DCD
  • Support groups available for students with family/personal issues

School Statistics 
School Enrollment: 1035
Teaching Staff: 68
Support Staff: 21
Food Service Staff: 6
Custodial Staff: 5
Deans/Counselors: 4
Student Attendance Rate: 92%
Average Student GPA: B-
Presidential Academic Education Award: 85
Middle School athletics & clubs: 19

Clubs / Athletic Activities
It is our belief that students should have the opportunity to participate in activities outside the academic program. We offer several clubs and sports activities each trimester. Our goal is to have 90% of our students involved in after-school activities. Activities may be dropped or added depending on student request/involvement and available adult leadership.
Clubs (sample of clubs and activities offered at St. Louis Park Middle School)

  • Honors Band
  • Math Team
  • Musical
  • Select Choir
  • SAT (student action team)
  • Youth Development Committee

St. Louis Park Middle School offers 4 sports seasons. Every student who registers for a sport will play on a team. We compete against other Classic Lake Junior High Schools. Each season runs for 8 weeks. Practices and events are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday &  Friday.

Cross Country Running*
Girls' Swimming
Girls' Tennis
Girls' Volleyball

Boys' Swimming*
Girls' Hockey*
Nordic Skiing*

Boys' Tennis
Girls' Lacrosse 7/8
Girls' Softball*
Synchronized Swimming*
Track and Field

*High school sport opportunity offered to 7-12 graders. Athletes interested in sports not offered at the middle school may practice and tryout for high school teams. All students who plan on participating in St. Louis Park athletics must have a current physical on file in the health services office before participation in chosen sport.