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Student Drop off/Pick Up Expectations

Here is how families can help keep students and staff safe:  • Student safety is a shared responsibility. Safety measures may take more time, but if everyone participates, everything will move along more quickly and safely. 

Please be patient and allow extra time when picking up and dropping off your student.

• Honor the stop sign and help keep our staff members safe.

• Turn south as your car exits onto Texas Avenue. This keeps traffic away from the bus exit. • Stay off your cell phone during pick up/drop off. • Do not park along neighboring streets such as Texas Avenue or 22nd Street.  Students will be instructed to remain in the pick up/ drop off area until their car arrives.

• In the morning and the afternoon, enter the pick up/drop off area ONLY from 22nd street, south of the Middle School. Pull forward as far as possible (to the front of the line) so that cars can be staged behind your vehicle. Your student will walk to/from your car and the school entrance.

• In the morning, be certain that your student is prepared to exit your vehicle when you arrive at the school. Students should exit from the passenger side directly onto the sidewalk.

• Do not double park or let your student exit your vehicle until you are safely stopped in the pick up/ drop off area.

• Do not park your car in the bus loading/unloading area at any time.