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Student Expectations



Expectativas del Estudiante:

St. Louis Park Public Middle School recognizes that a safe and nurturing environment is conducive to learning and critical to student success and achievement. The following are some expectations intended to help ensure the excellence of your student’s learning.

Non-negotiable Behaviors

As part of building and maintaining our Restorative School Culture, and to support our collective effort to maintain a safe and positive environment for students and staff, we want to clarify our SLPMS Non-negotiable Behaviors. 

Going forward this 22-23 school year, Student Support Services (Deans, Admin) will be following up on such behaviors by contacting home, engaging in Restorative Conversations,  and then administering consequences (Dismissal by Dean, Suspension by Admin):

(alignment with Restorative School Culture is in purple)

  • Dismissal/Suspension—Non-negotiables for behavior

    • Physical aggression/fighting

    • (Resolving conflict peacefully without physical or verbal aggression; and Avoiding play fighting)

    • Abusive language - particularly toward adults

    • (Using appropriate and restorative language; and Avoiding bullying in person and on social media)

    • Inappropriate physical contact toward staff

    • (Resolving conflict peacefully without physical or verbal aggression)

    • Deliberately going into a space where they're not supposed to be

    • (Walking and being aware of your surroundings; and Using a pass in the hallway during class time)

    • Complete refusal of adult direction

    • (Resolving conflict peacefully without physical or verbal aggression)

Cell Phones

In order to maximize learning and reduce distractions: 

  1. Cell phones are only permitted during the following times:

    1. Before school

    2. After school

    3. Passing time

    4. During lunch

If a student’s cell phone is out during class, the student will give their cell phone to the teacher for the remainder of the day. Cell phones are left in the classroom when students leave the room. Each time a student has to give their cell phone to a teacher, it is recorded personally by the teacher. On the 2nd offense within a quarter, a contact home is made and agreement between student and teacher that the student will leave the phone on their desk (or other designated spot) for 5 consecutive days during class time. On the 3rd offense within a quarter a referral is made to the grade level dean. At this point an individual student plan may be implemented. This system will reset each quarter.

Please try to not contact your student via text or phone call during their classes. It is a huge distraction and disruption to your student’s learning. If you need to communicate with them, please do it over their lunch period or call the main office at 952-928-6300 to get a message to them.

Wireless Earbuds/Airpods

Wireless earbuds/Airpods are not allowed in the classroom except with teacher permission.  The violations are the same as cell phones .


We expect all students to be on time to every class everyday. Important learning and community building is happening and is essential to your student’s academic and social growth.

Students who come late to class WITHOUT a pass will be marked tardy in PowerSchool. It will show up as a U for unexcused tardy. Excused tardies are marked with a T.

Tardy Violations

  •  3 unexcused tardies to one class- teacher will contact home and the student will not be allowed a hallway pass during that class period for 1 week. 

  •  6 unexcused tardies to one class- same as above AND students will be referred to the grade level Dean for further interventions.

  • At the beginning of each quarter all violations are cleared and will reset. Individualized student support plans and interventions will continue as needed.