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Keystone Design 8

Course Description

Students are agents of change. We learn as a result of action. Students in Keystone Design 8 will use critical thinking, inquiry, analysis, and communication to engage in deep conversations about race, culture, and identity in society. They will develop ideas and create solutions, evaluating the effectiveness of these solutions to affect change. Action and inquiry are the heart of how we learn as we solve problems on a personal and global level. Just as the "keystone" supports the entire archway, the leadership and design experiences that students have in this class will support their life as a whole.

Design Cycle and Community Project

Students have been developing their racial literacy throughout their time at St. Louis Park Public Schools. Keystone Design 8 will allow students to extend their learning and culminate in the 8th Grade Community Project as part of the IB MYP.

Using the IB Design Cycle, students will inquire into a problem of their choice and identify their prior knowledge. Either working alone, as a partner, or a group of three, they will use critical thinking to conduct research and examine multiple perspectives. They will develop their own ideas and take action toward a solution. Finally, they will reflect on their learning and action and present to other students about their journey.

The Community Project has historically been an additional capstone project that was done during third quarter as part of the IB MYP, but will now be embedded into the Keystone Design 8 course.

Keystone: Then and Now

Keystone started at St. Louis Park Middle School with a group of students during the 2017-18 school year. This video includes interviews of those students from both 2018 and 2022 as they share their thoughts and reflect on their experience in the Keystone program. 

Meet the Teachers

Rob Hansen
Keystone Design 8 Teacher

Evelyn Lashley
Keystone Design 8 Teacher & Program Coordinator

Mehgan Setten
Keystone Design 8 Teacher